Old School Riding

Old school style riding position with modern future bike means terrible looking combination. Get marc marquez on this bike and watch the electric bikes limit at every corner.

Braking problem.
He can’t floor it hard. Marc Marquez would have been in hospital if he accelerate those bike like he does in Moto GP. Plus,electric bike mean you don’t have “engine brake”.
Simon said right from the beginning that he rode an unfamiliar bike on an unfamiliar track. Besides the bike is setup for the street, not for track riding. Just look at the foot-pegs’ position. Simon Crafar’s toe sliders are almost touching the tarmac at each and every corner even tough he wasn’t pushing it (and why would he?).
With that kind of bike setup he didn’t even attempt to put his knees down. So what old school riding are you talking about? Check out Simon Crafar’s other videos and see for yourself that he’s one of the best riders out there. If you got MM on this bike, he’d have just crashed it at the very 1st corner

His toes almost hit because he had them hanging down past the pegs. New bike and new track doesn’t mean he forgets where to put his feet.

I think it’s also pretty ridiculous to assume MM93 would crash. He is the motogp champion more times than he isn’t. I think he can get a bike around a lap of a circuit he has raced at for the last several years.