He did not really have a problem with baguette the problem is with himself and his bike. Because they were more worried about the Supercross Championship they were not taking as much time to test for the outdoors as they wanted to. Once he gets his outdoor settings set to where he’s comfortable, if he can get the starts he will be the person to beat.

If bagget has the bike figured out that may be why he was running top 6, he wasn’t comfortable… Confidence In your raw speed and also in the bike is key, I think he has both of those things right now and he’s definitely fit. If he can get wins and stay on the podium nearly every round, he’ll be there in contention at the end I believe.

I’d love to see Webb with a podium. ET3 still seems capable of the fastest laps but Musquins talent will have him up front, regardless of the track. The wildcard is Baggett, if he gets dialed in he can be dominant. I’d really like to see Dean Wilson get some podiums this season too. Lotsa “ifs” there, should be fun. I love this sport.

Just the points leader in 250’s a few years back. They chose to run for east title and was never cleared to leave country.

That’s all that counts at the end of the series. Moto wins don’t mean squat unless u have won 24 of them… the point my comment made (that you obviously missed) is this is a different tomac than the guy who was there contending for the SX title.