The myth of the KILL SWITCH was originated actually on those AC-CDI ignition system, to where even without a battery, the engine will continue to run up until the kill switch is turned on thus grounding the output of that CDI and turning off the engine.

Maybe the basis of the KILL switch on 4 stroke now is for security reason in an event of short circuit within the motorcycle electrical system, The ignition Key switch is your main cut off. That is how they differ. KILL switch cuts power to the cdi but not the entire power of the electrical accessories as the ignition key switch does.

I was a firm believer in killswitch stopping. That was until my bike left my ass stranded in the middle of nowhere.
The contacts in my switch were bad from constant use and wouldn’t allow my bike to start. You can pretty much go on any thread about any cbr and type in no start and it’s always the same damn thing,
A good rider would never dump the clutch to get the front end up, if you do this then you should sell you bike and never ride again.
You could blow a fork seal. Really you’re just gonna leave it there? Not going to include bent fork springs (because I’ve seen em), damaged neck bearings, or worst case cracking the neck of the frame
Power wheelies are the only way to wheelie and are true judge of horse power and torque.
Some of these will starve it without oil number one rod bearing goes first then number four I’ve seen it way too many times on top of that I’ve also seen the the main drive gear welded to the crankshaft with bent teeth from people snapping up Wheelies at 80 mph.