Best Car Seat Covers For Those Hard To Get Rid Of Stains

With new cars and airbags on the side of the seats. These and all other car covers will void your warranty should you get in an accident that has to deploy airbags.

I just bought the best car seat covers pictured….love ’em…thought they were expensive, too, but I love cats…very good quality compared to what I had on before that I bought at Dollar General you still get what you pay for !

Just an FYI. My dealership informed me of this when I had put basic black covers on mine.


How do seat covers effect airbags etc…..they only best car seat covers the seat!!!! not the dashboard or sides of the car!

If you end up with a stain on your best car seat covers. Whenever I get a stain, I immediately go and wash it with regular soap, bar or liquid hand soap (it doesn’t matter).

Best Car Seat Covers

I don’t blot all of it out. The soap stays with the stain and seems to keep it from setting. I wash it with regular laundry soap after that. Sometimes the regular soap gets the stain out before I wash it.

Those Hard To Get Rid Of Stains

If I get a stain and I don’t realize it, then I put Dawn on it and let it sit for a while or I try to get it out with regular bar soap before doing the wash normal. Most of the stains have come out the first time.

For food, drink, and pet stains on the carpet/upholstery, blot up as much moisture as you can, then cover with baking soda and let sit for a little while.

Then combine warm water and white vinegar and pour over the stain. Scrub and rinse with water. Blot up all moisture. Will look even cleaner than before the dog peed on the carpet


Much like clothing cleaning best car seat covers are simple.

Actually if you were to mix color cloths together in the washer before you add your laundry detergent and softener,

You add a little bit of white Vinegar ,Dose great and leave no smell so there’s no bleach Required an white vinegar is a natural anti-bacterial way to actually clean I do my all my Towels ,bedding all the time and my clothes so you put a little bit of vinegar in then your softener then your laundry detergent you’re done.