Bikers With Backpacks Get Fined

I think a big part of the problem is our many narrow roads. Its easy for politicians to make rules to look like they’re doing ‘something’, but not address the main problem. Cycling for fun/fitness on narrow roads makes it hard to negotiate around bikes. Also in the city when bikes arent on cycle lanes. Common sense applies both ways. Cars, show some care, bikers with best motorcycle backpack , single file & keep off narrow roads ar busy times.

Cyclists might perhaps consider the safety of all road users in this matter and not just their own. The 1 metre rule actually puts other road road users at risk, especially motorcyclists, when cars etc are encouraged to cross double lines in order to pass cyclists and still adhere to the rule. 

With cyclists, motorcyclists, cars, potholes, raised man hole covers, trucks, and jay walking pedestrians, to look out for it’s amazing more people haven’t been hurt. Not to mention our ridiculous narrow lanes in some major streets. Congratulations tassie drivers good work.


Because the cyclists cut the safety distance .. I believe cyclists should have to pay for rego to cover MAIB . Just like if a person owns a car and motorcycle. They are all using the roadway. They hardly even use the bicycle lanes which were introduced and has turned 2 lane roads into single and slowed traffic to a crawl .