E Bike In Moto GP

They’ve been racing electric at the isle of man for 7 years and they like it just fine. Isle of man has larger balls than MotoGP has ever had.

People moaned when two stroke was replaced by four stroke. Now they will moan when electric replaces combustion. They will get over it.

Electric is a good thing because noise is a problem. Too many tracks have been closed because of neighbors complaining about the noise.

When I was a kid we used to visit the moto x tracks and many have closed. Look at the big picture for racing, if more tracks can open (moto x, grass, race) then interest goes up, more jobs are created, the amount of talent increases, racing gets more exciting.

Electric bikes, and vehicles in general, have many up sides. Just look at all the souped up Street racing cars being smoked by Tesla Model S’s. They are fast, have great acceleration, and are easier to control (i.e. in terms of power delivery).

Their main downside is the energy density of the batteries. This leads to either short range or heavy corridors. However, this will gradually change and eventually they will take over.

Those complaining about the noise: fair enough, you don’t like it. But do you think a slow, noisey bike is better than a fast, quiet bike? Which do you think a Racer would prefer?

In the end, racing is not about noise (although obviously that can have an effect on excitement track side), it’s about going fast. If these bikes can go fast, especially when they aren’t talking about replacing normal petrol bikes but rubbing them in their own championship, what is there to complain about?

Twist n go there boring heavy don’t go very far if vehicles are all going to be electric we are going to have build more power stations to cope with millions of vehicles on the road battery production is going to be massive then they are going to have to be changed at some point oh hang on i forgot there wont be any pollution.

As we, umm errr… “mature” in racing we learn to embrace change or watch as it eventually laps us.

It took me quite a few years to be ok with 4 strokes and the title MotoGP and F1 still makes me crazy. I don’t think electric is going to replace internal combustion anytime soon but it deserves a seat at the table.