How To

Muffler or No Muffler

If you have the money to buy a bike you should have the mo ney to buy exhaust or atleast tune the bike after taking the exhaust off to run better with the new back flow. I bought a full exhaust power commander and custom tune to run them all efficient and powerful.

I’m no rookie I like loud bikes it sounds great and it helps me get noticed on the road from other drivers. Might annoy other people but I’m not to concerned lol. And myn looks factory still so not all straight pipes look bad.

Clutchless Shifting

Just so everyone knows this is called floating gears. Truck drivers were doing it long before this guy even thought about it. I do it every day. If you want to learn here’s what you need to know.

This info is based on my semis rpms. I shift up at 1500-1600 rpms. When I do so my rpms drop to 1000-1100. So to upshift you simply get to the 15 or 16 Mark. Now where some people get nervous is down shifting.

But it’s just as easy. You know that your going to shift down at 10-11. But how do you shift without the clutch?

You have to get your rpms down to the 10-11 Mark. Once you’ve done that you’ll shift into neutral and give it gas. You want to get your rpms into the 15-1600 area and then shift into the lower gear. Once your rpms are at the right number the shifter will slide in once you get it.

Down shifting it easy to pick up. Just rest your foot on the shift lever and you will feel it start to come out of gear and give it a little down shift, after few times of finding the sweet spot in your gears, it becomes natural just like riding your bike did.

And I have no advice on up shift because ive been doing it since I had a shifting/clutchless 4 wheeler as a kid and I used to pretend to shift it like a manual, while riding and shifting I’d let off the gas (not needed for that design) but that’s how I learned a clutchless shift