Nascar a dying Sport?

The sport is dying. Count the empty seats. Nobody cares about Nascar anymore. Just a bunch of hillbillies stuck in the 1950s doing laps is all it is. Just too boring. You have yourself a nice weekend. Lock him up. That is how Nascar was founded and they have done nothing to change and sooner or later Proctor and Gamble will walk away and the rest of the sponsors that need national attention. Half full stadiums and getting stuck up on obscure tv channels is not exactly a good investment. NASCAR has been working very hard for 20 years to get more minorities into the sport.The 2 biggest hurdles are the small # of minorities racing stock cars,which makes it very hard to find that 1 in 5000 who’s good enough to win,the other being that sponsors are reluctant to sponsor a black driver,and that’s not NASCAR’s fault.

It is these issues which will end Nascar. Even F1 has done a better job of diversity and that is Europe. It is time to catch up. F1 has a Black Champion and several Asian drivers and they are not having any problems finding advertisers or filling the stands up. Mind as well put up a hammock and see how this unfolds. The fan’s will not be a punching bag, hopefully things change but who knows. I’d rather watch my kid in a 4 wheeler.